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Good News for Investors!

We now have the chance to read through the recent Stimulus/Spending Bill that was passed largely unread by our Congress. The earmarks and pork anger many, but there is good news on the real estate front:

Owners of second homes and other real estate investments will now be able to refinance their mortgage loans if they are guaranteed or held by either FannieMae or FreddieMac–and if the current value is no more than 5% over the mortgage amount.

Many real estate investors, though, have no idea whether their loans are guaranteed or owned by Fannie or Freddie. However, you may call Fannie directly at 1-800-7FANNIE or visit their site. If you complete the form on Freddie Mac’s site, they will advise you as to whether they are guaranteeing your loan or not.

To qualify for this real estate refi, there may be no late payments (30 days or more) for last year. FICO and credit scores, though, are not considered–nor will private mortgage insurance start anew.

This could be a great help for many investors and second home owners who thought only primary homes could benefit from the Fannie and Freddie refi’s. This may also be a potential Godsend for tenants who face eviction because of foreclosures. This may allow investment property owners to keep their properties–and their tenants in place.

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