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The move from a luxury home can be a daunting one–especially when grand pianos, snooker tables and valuable art need to be both carefully packed, insured and moved into new abodes. 

Specialists are needed to make the event a success!
Moving a luxury home successfully is similar to planning a large wedding. Both events have many moving parts, (no pun intended,) and both require specialists to help you make your events successful.
When Moving a Luxury Home, Find Specialty Movers For Key Items in Your Home

When moving a luxury household, it is important to do some advance planning,  just as one would do with a wedding. Most luxury homes have very expensive furnishings that require specialized care in knowing how to pack move. It is recommended to contact moving specialists, much as you would contact wedding specialists such as a caterer, a florist and a local band. 
The Top Seven Speciality Movers for Luxury Homes are the Following:
1. Luxury home piano movers
Moving a grand piano effectively requires specialized equipment and skills. To ensure that your luxury grand piano is not damaged while moving, it is advised to hire a professional piano mover (a company that only specializes in moving pianos). 

2. Luxury home fine art packers, shippers and movers

The most important aspect of moving fine art lies in packing your fine art properly. Depending on the type of art, and if the art is being shipped or moved, there are various ways to properly package for the ultimate protection. Hire a fine art packing specialist to pack all of your fine art to ensure it’s full protection.
3. Luxury home packers
Hire professional movers to pack your home in moving boxes, which they will likely provide. Should you decide to pack valuables yourself,  you can either buy the moving boxes and moving supplies from the mover, or order moving boxes online for less.
4. Luxury home spa movers
If you want to take your 8 person hot tub with you, there are specialized movers who can help move your spa. Given the cost for such a move and the distance it is being hauled, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a replacement at the new destination.
5. Luxury home antique movers
If you have valuable antiques that need to be moved, you may want to hire an antique moving specialist to transport your valuables.
6. Luxury home pool table movers
You would think that  pool tables might be easy to move, but they are not. Luxury pool and snooker tables are very heavy and require special equipment and training to move. Luxury pool tables are usually made out of slate and require special and talent equipment to move these heavy items.
7. Luxury home movers to transport your heaviest furniture
If you own a luxury home, that means that you may have much larger rooms, which typically have much larger, and heavier furniture than the normal household. Some of the furniture for luxury homes is so large that movers actually need to use lift gates that raise your furniture up onto their moving truck. Again, skilled talent and special equipment is required. This is important  because many local movers don’t use lift gates–nor are they critical for most local moves. However, if your  furniture is very large and heavy, be sure to find an insured mover that has lift gates on their moving trucks.
We hope these moving tips are helpful in identifying the moving specialist that are helpful when moving a luxury home.
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